4. In- House Processing Advantage

Trans-State Title does everything in-house, from the title search, to the title examination, to the typing of the title commitment. We don't farm anything out, nor do we rely upon outside help from anyone, for anything. Many of our competitors rely upon their underwriters for help, but we don't. At Trans-State Title, we have taken all the "links" out of the "waiting chain". We can produce a title commitment within a half-hour of the time we get a file, not just once to impress you, but every time it is needed! No one has ever been able to get near us on speed and efficiency, and no one ever will. The Trans-State Title "in-house" advantage is a great benefit to you, the consumer.

5. Quality control advantage

At Trans-State Title, we have a history of excellent quality control! This is unusual for an organization handling our level of volume. No one has ever been able to get close to us on quality control and no one ever will! The Trans-State Title "quality control" advantage benefits you, the consumer.

6. Closing Convenience

Trans-State Title has numerous closing locations in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Even so, we'll travel almost anywhere to close your deal. The added convenience is a great benefit to you, the consumer.

7. Value Advantage

Trans-State Title has the best value in town -- bar none! We give a Rolls Royce service for a Chevrolet price. At Trans-State Title, you get the benefit of the fastest, most efficient, most creative, most professional, highest quality closing service in town, and all at competitive prices! No one has ever been able to get close to us on value, and no one ever will. The Trans-State Title "best value" advantage is a tremendous benefit to you, the consumer.

Advantages to your benefit

1. Immediate Processing advantage 

At Trans-State Title, we don't wait for loan approval before we work up your file! We start working on your file the very same day we receive it. Many of our competitors are concerned about cancellations due to loan denials or deficient appraisals, but not us! We have always believed that the "goodwill" from "up-front" work is worth 100 times more than the costs we have to absorb on cancelled files.  Do you want to first find out about a title problem after the loan is approved and moving arrangements are made? Or would you rather be told that it was previously identified and already solvedWorse yet, you could lose the deal! DON'T jeopardize your deal with someone who waits to do the work!! In the event that we have to cancel a file because it can't close, no one is charged for our work. So why use anyone else? The Trans-State Title "immediate processing" advantage is a huge benefit to you, the consumer. 

2. Creative solutions advantage

Our competitors can't seem to find a way to fit the "square peg" into the "round hole". But at Trans-State Title, we have a reputation for creative solutions to problems. Our attorneys have pioneered many solutions to problems that were later adopted by the whole industry! At Trans-State Title, we are CLOSERS. If  there's a way to solve a difficult problem, we'll figure it out. No one has ever been able to get near us on creativity and no one ever will. The Trans-State Title "creative solutions" advantage benefits you, the consumer. 

 3. In-House Attorney's Advantage

Trans-State Title is owned and operated by attorneys. We'll often answer legal questions at no additional charge to you, just to help you close comfortably on your purchase. Almost ALL of our competitors either don't have an attorney, or if they do, the attorney is doing the title work on the side. Our attorneys devote 100% of their time to title and closing issues, so when you call, you won't be told that we're in court, doing a will, handling a divorce, or in consultation, just title and closing, all day, every day. The Trans-State Title "attorney advantage" is a great benefit to you, the consumer.